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Customer journey mapping is about following your customers’ journey with your brand, starting from their very first impression. A customer journey map helps you visualize how your customers navigate throughout your touchpoints: promotional material, social media channels, your product itself—you name it.

As an example, think of any recent purchase you’ve made, and try to trace your journey back.
  • When and where was your first contact with the product or service?
  • How many channels of communication with the company did you have available?
  • How was the contact you had if any? Was it personal or formulaic?
  • Were your problems, if any, solved? If so, were they solved in a timely manner?
  • What do you now know about the brand besides the product or service itself?

Of course, every customer is different. But you can’t create a customer journey map for every single one—and you don’t need to do it in customer journey mapping. Instead, you can segment your audience and then create customer personas.
Then you only need to create a map for each persona.
We have created a template to help you map that out. You can download it here: