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Don't let the struggle of socials take up your time, leave that to us! Our eclectic team draws on a wide variety of experiences and skillsets to deliver slick, brand-based content that exceeds expectations and drives in the likes and hits. How do we do that? We nurture the community that spread your brand story for you! We make use of popular platforms and keep our eye on emerging interactive trends.

Social Media | Paid and Organic

When done correctly, social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook can be very effective in promoting your brand, selling your products, and creating a continued thread of marketing tactics on a regular basis. Our team of experts has supported many Australian SMEs and


not-for-profits with an effective social media strategy that helped their brand awareness and customer reach.  We don’t simply send off a few posts on social media and wait for sales to magically appear. We understand your customer journey and ensure we implement paid and organic marketing that suit your business goals.

• We can create and manage your Paid Social Media

Social Media advertising focuses on your target market and can effectively help you who may never have heard of your business before now. Paid Marketing also allows you to measure your success through your return on Ad Spend (ROAS) and also results in higher conversion rates.

Organic marketing by increasing your brand awareness and building a connection with your audience, we measure impact, drive results, and constantly up our game. Does your business need multiple ways to attract leads and convert users? With organic marketing, we can do that! This way of marketing allows you to attract visitors to your site, which will hopefully convert to paid customers!

Email Marketing | Campaigns, Automation, and Funnels

Email marketing is one of the most powerful channels to reach your audience. It can be used to achieve a number of different objectives, so before jumping in head first, it's best to take a breath and let’s consider your email marketing strategy. We don't rely on assumptions and guesswork, we align it with your business objectives and get your message across.

Email Campaigns – our eclectic bunch of creative gurus, draw on a wide variety of experiences and skill sets. Our digital and social department is united in their objective to deliver slick, user-first content that exceeds your business KPI, spreading the brand story for you!

Email marketing automation is a strategy whereby triggered or timed emails are sent out to your business subscriber lists. We can personalise these messages to make them customer specific and schedule them accordingly.

Email marketing funnels are a series of emails delivered to leads or prospects on a set timetable with the goal of turning them into clients. We can create an email marketing funnel to track your marketing journey.

Digital Advertising | Facebook, Instagram and Google

Have you explored the digital world or marketing yet? We can channel your marketing strategy through online platforms such as websites, streaming content, and other mediums using media formats, text, images, and videos. Win more business, attract more clients, and get your brand

and message across omnichannel. Our team of social experts is brilliant in every channel and knows just how and where to make it happen for your brand.

Facebook – is great for B2C companies targeting a general consumer audience. By using a social networking website, we can connect your business with new customers and followers and keep them in constant and regular communication and updates.

Instagram – Using Instagram for business can drive brand awareness, boost sales, and build and track audience engagement. It’s an excellent way to find customers where they’re already spending time. It can also provide valuable audience insights to use with all your marketing plan strategies. Our team of experts can help you create pages and connect with your customers and followers consistently so your brand is always top of mind for potential clients.

Google Ads – It’s not enough just having a website these days – you need consumers to be able to actually find you! We can help you promote your business and services to your specific audience. We use a carefully planned selection of keywords and target locations to reach your audience. Your brand needs to be at the top of the page for relevant searches!

Linkedin Lead Generation Tool

Generate new leads for your brand through automation!

Lead generation is more than getting people to view your page, it's about collating tangible information you can use, driving communication and potentially getting valuable leads and generating new business. Luctosa Marketing is excited to offer our new LinkedIn Lead generation services that will help our customers identify potential leads that are actively looking for a solution or product that you offer.

Let us connect you with people in your industry!

Plus, get access to exclusive rates and prices for all other marketing services you might need along the way.

Lustosa Marketing Official Secondary Logo

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