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Celeste Lustosa, marketing solutions

Celeste Lustosa
Your New Marketing Manager

Celeste is a performance-driven marketing executive with progressive experience shaping and executing strategic marketing programs that effectively position powerhouse brands in achieving accelerated growth in market share. She successfully developed and managed integrated campaigns with an eye towards predictive analytics and measurable objectives coupled with a creative vision to maximize return on marketing investment and consistently drive revenue forward. Celeste is skilled at building and leading industry-leading B2B and B2C brands to exceed expectations in outreach, performance and profitability.

Miranda Stacco, marketing solutions

Miranda Stocco
Your Account Manager

Miranda has a Bachelor of Business (Marketing) degree with strong copywriting and editing skills paired with a creative flair. Miranda has a strong work ethic and goes above and beyond for every client.

marketing solutions

Florentino Cuevas
Your New Designer

Florentino is a versatile and creative IT and marketing professional, with expertise in consumer, business, supplier relations, and marketing campaigns. He has handled, provided, and managed creative concepts on multiple marketing solutions from small start-up companies up to the big and well-established business entities from various countries.


Angel Pia Pates
Your New Marketer

Angel is a passionate marketer who is highly experienced in Social Media Management. Angel considers content creation as her favorite part of her job and she is always keen on helping clients improve their online presence to increase brand awareness.


To inspire business owners to use their uniqueness to stand out from the crowd.


To provide businesses of all sizes with tailored marketing solutions, so they can grow and make a positive difference in their customers’ lives.


We believe everyone’s story matters.

We never compromise with honesty.

We start with the end in mind.

We believe learning is a constant.

We don’t fear mistakes but always learn from those.