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This is one of the worth mentioning marketing dilemmas. Are you feeling like you spend everyday chasing your own tail and don’t feel you achieve much?
You need systems to give your business meaning, purpose, and direction. They will allow you to grow, expand, leverage your time, and gain vital insights and metrics in order to react or respond as needed.
A lack of systems in business leads to breakdowns in client communication, money being lost and burnout. Business owners can then become very reactive, overwhelmed, and not make the best business decisions.
Business owners are often the biggest bottleneck in their business because they don’t want to lose control. Their business, therefore, relies on their unconscious competence to operate.
If you have issues delegating and getting a few things on autopilot, you are likely to get stuck IN their businesses and struggle to grow your business because it relies so heavily on your own time and ability to respond.


One of the biggest mistakes a business owner can make is to invest in marketing, praying that it will automatically result in sales and this is one of the marketing dilemmas to consider. This suggests a fear of selling, or in some cases, lack of confidence in the product or service being offered.
Without an effective sales conversion strategy in place, any form of marketing will be undermined and lead to wasted marketing dollars.
It is critical for business owners to understand that the ability to close deals is the only way to receive a return on investment (ROI) on any marketing spend.
By focusing solely on attracting interest (marketing), without a structure for converting that interest into commitment (sales), businesses will see a considerable imbalance in the ROI curve.