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As business owners we are constantly looking for ways to help improve our social media marketing plan. Always looking to gain a larger audience, and increase interaction between our brand and audience.

The starting point for this should always be at the latest statistics surrounding social media marketing. Use this data to help benchmark your business marketing plan.

Now, let’s get started…

Social Media

Considering examples like, the world-wide pandemic and ‘TikTok’, the sky-rocketing platform increasing social media usage over the last 2 years. It is important that you keep up to date with trends and understand how to use them to your advantage for your business.

2022 Statistics in Social Media:

  • There is an average of 3.96 billion total social media users across all platforms (as of January 2022)
  • The average person bounces between 7 different social media networks per month
  • 95 minutes per day, is the average amount of time adults use social media platforms
  • Tik Tok is the fastest growing network with 105% user growth rate, in the United States over the last 2 years
  • Users are 6 times more likely to make a purchase from a product page that includes pictures from social media

Individual Platform Statistics

Each individual social media platform works in its own way. It is vital to understand this as it can help your brand to generate further opportunities to help grow your market audience. 

2022 social media platform statistics:


  • There are approximately 10 million active advertisers on Facebook right now


  • Instagram is the social media platform with the highest engagement rate. 81% of engagement is found on Instagram, versus 8% on Facebook


  • 16.2% of Linkedin users, use the platform daily


  • Twitter boasts about 436 million monthly active users in total worldwide


  • Pinterest users are 40% more likely to say they love shopping in comparison to people who don’t use Pinterest

Tik Tok

  • 62% of TikTok users say that platform-specific branded content is the best way to connect to customers.

Before you go…

It is important to understand that these statistics are constantly changing, moving the market from one platform to another. The best way to upkeep your marketing plan and help further grow, is to place your trust in a specialist.

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