Lustosa Marketing

Ask yourself why is digital marketing important? Below are just some of the benefits of digital marketing for business owners in any industry:

Lower cost 

Digital marketing is cheaper than traditional marketing. If done correctly, the ROI on your digital marketing budget can be huge. One reason for this is focusing marketing efforts in areas where people already spend their time online results in higher-quality leads.

Global reach 

Operating a business online cost less and expands your reach to even more audiences across the world.

Potential for viral content 

Distributing content online comes with the possibility of viral sharing via social networking, bringing in more business to you for generally no added cost. This is one of the worth mentioning benefits of digital marketing.

Measurable results 

Your efforts are much more trackable than traditional marketing, due mostly to the fact that many analytics tools now exist. These tools can help you with specifics like form analytics or Google analytics.

Keep up with the competition 

It’s becoming more and more common for customers to expect all brands, products, services, and small businesses to have an online presence.


One of the reasons digital marketing does so well for small businesses is the fact that you can use personalization to automatically alter the user’s experience based on their interests. This way, you can present them with page-level targeted offers for specific customer profiles based on behavior.

Digital marketing is a fantastic way to grow your business online, so why not get started with Lustosa Marketing?