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Your Checklist for Writing the Perfect Blog Post

Writing a perfect blog post requires careful planning, skilled execution, and attention to detail. Whether you are a seasoned blogger or just starting out, having a checklist to guide you through the process can enhance the quality of your content. Let’s dive in and explore the essential elements and strategies for creating compelling blog posts […]

How to manage your Instagram Ads

Instagram is a powerful and creative sharing platform, but are you getting the best results from your Instagram Ads? Simplifying and managing the platform and how or what you post, can make a significant difference in generating sales and building engagement. Let’s discover some tricks of the trade to get better results! #1:Customise your Facebook […]

Social Media Marketing tips and tricks for small business owners

As a small business owner, you may be curious about the benefits of social media marketing. According to a report by We Are Social (Jan 2023), 81% of Australians use at least one social media platform and spend an average of 2 hours per day on social media. Meaning that with social media marketing, your […]

Be mindful of your personal and business brand

With so much information available to people at their fingertips, at the end of the day, to build your business, people need to appreciate your reasons and your whys, your vision and your mission, and why your business matters. It should matter for your customers and your staff, your partners, or anyone you collaborate with. […]

APAC CEO of the Year Awards 2023

APAC CEO of the Year Awards 2023

Lustosa Marketing Strategy & Implementation was honoured to receive this year’s Most Strategic Marketing CEO 2023 (South Australia) award. This prestigious programme is designed to reward Chief Executive Officers who demonstrate the use of innovative approaches through intense commitment and dedication and shine a light on their achievements. These awards are an opportunity to prove, […]

Tips on what to include in your marketing strategy and plan

Marketing that is strategically designed will help you long-term in lowering costs and boosting your inbound marketing strategy. Here are some helpful tips as a refresher, to help you with valuable content for your marketing plan. Your Marketing Strategy & Plan should include: Goals and objectives – setting measurable goals to fit your business can […]

Business Blogging Statistics

When planning your company’s content marketing strategy for the year, you may spend a lot of time focused on mimicking the platforms and content strategies that you think have worked for you previously, however, are you open to the “power of blogging?”  Blogging has been one of the earliest forms of marketing and still remains […]

Promote Benefits, Not Features

Building a successful company involves successfully marketing your product, your service, or yourself. Far too many companies underspend on their customer-facing efforts, or instead they overspend trying to reach a specific target audience. One of the best ways to make sure that your marketing money is being well spent is to develop a comprehensive marketing […]

The fluff and the numbers in Marketing

Marketers have been kept away from the boardrooms and important business decisions, as they haven’t been seen as important in these aspects of the business. Well, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Marketing is there to help you generate sales. There are graphic design, storytelling, branding, and all the nice touches, however, putting everything […]

What to include in your marketing strategy and plan

Let’s take a look at what to include in your marketing strategy and plan for a client. Even if you think you know what to include, having a refresher is always a good idea!  Valuable content for your Marketing Strategy & Plan: Your marketing strategy and plan can be put into action with our guidance, […]