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Are you feeling stuck on what to post on your social media accounts to keep your audience engaged and entertained? Did you know key calendar dates can help you create engaging social media posts? From International Joke Day to Christmas, there are plenty of opportunities to connect with your audience.

Here are some key dates to work off to help you stand out and grab the attention of your followers:

Jul 1: International Joke Day
Jul 7: First Day of NAIDOC Week
Jul 11: World Population Day
Jul 7-14: NAIDOC Week
Jul 17: World Emoji Day
Jul 18: Nelson Mandela International Day
Jul 30: International Day of Friendship

Aug 5: Northern Territory Picnic Day
Aug 8: International Cat Day
Aug 12: World Elephant Day
Aug 14: Royal National Agricultural Show Day Queensland
Aug 19: World Humanitarian Day
Aug 19: International Homeless Animals Day
Aug 22: World Plant Milk Day
Aug 26: International Dog Day

Sept 1: Father’s Day
Sep 5: International Day of Charity
Sep 7: International Day of Clean Air
Sep 8: International Literacy Day
Sep 15: International Day of Democracy
Sep 17: Mid-Autumn Festival
Sep 22: Hobbit Day
Sep 22: September Equinox
Sep 27: Friday Before AFL Grand Final

Oct 1: International Vegetarian Day
Oct 5: World Teachers’ Day
Oct 6: Daylight Savings Starts
Oct 9: World Post Day
Oct 15: International Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day
Oct 24: United Nations Day
Oct 31: Halloween

Nov 4: Recreation Day
Nov 5: Melbourne Cup Day
Nov 10: International Accounting Day
Nov 11: Remembrance Day
Nov 12: International Tongue Twister Day
Nov 19: International Men’s Day
Nov 28: Red Planet Day/ Thanksgiving

Dec 2: Fritters Day
Dec 5: International Ninja Day
Dec 11: International Mountain Day
Dec 21: December Solstice
Dec 25: Christmas
Dec 26: Boxing Day
Dec 31: New Year’s Eve

Embrace the power of social media planning, and let your online presence shine bright in the digital sphere. Using relatable content for your audience brings in the likes and shares, and captivates a wider audience to your business.

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