Lustosa Marketing

Every day we are bombarded with content – from work-related topics, from brands we have engaged with before and brands we are interested in buying from. Then, there is news, family and friends information and by the end of each day, our brains are exhausted from reading. 

As a business owner, you need to have empathy for your audience and make things simple for them – that also goes a long way because it is good for business and increases sales.

Here are some tips on how to create copy people will take time to read:

1. Make it about the solution, not the product
It has been repeated before by me and many other marketers, but many people keep ignoring this simple rule. Instead of focusing on how great your product is, focus on how great life could be once the client experiences what your product can bring to their lives.

2. Keep it short
This reinforces what I wrote in the first paragraph. There is a lot on and people are busier than ever before. Keep it short and clear. Make your point right in the beginning and give them an option to read more if they wish (make a hyperlink taking them to a separate page on the website or to a blog post).

3. Have a call to action (CTA)
If your copy tells me why I need your product or service, it is clear and appealing, give me a “what’s next” option. Help the potential customers to know what to do to know more, or to make the purchase.

4. Try using 1st person
People like to know a “human being” wrote what they are reading, so try to use 1st person in your copy and make it more personal and more conversational. Alternatively, A/B testing is a great way to check if your specific audience responds best with “I” or “We”.

5. Create urgency
Are you selling a need or a want? More likely than not, what you sell is not automatically an urgent need, so you need to create urgency with specific offers and limited campaigns. People use these to justify their purchase – I have a freebie with my purchase, or I will get a discount if I buy now.

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