Lustosa Marketing

Let’s take a look at what to include in your marketing strategy and plan for a client. Even if you think you know what to include, having a refresher is always a good idea!

 Valuable content for your Marketing Strategy & Plan:

  • Goals and objectives – set measurable goals and marketing objectives fit for your business.
  • Market research – do a bit of research into 5 clients who are ideal for business.
  • Competitor analysis – do you know your competitors? Research into what they are doing in the industry.
  • Services and pricing – make a decision on what services and pricing brackets you are going to offer.
  • Buyer persona – Using the results of your market research, create a buyer persona for your company.
  • Point of difference – Every company has a special point of differentiation; you need to explain yours.
  • The core message – Create a core marketing message that explains who you work with and how you excel.
  • Brand promise – Master your brand, which is a succinct declaration of what you do.
  • Keyword plan – a comprehensive keyword plan for your company for SEO identification.
  • Website audit – a thorough evaluation of your website, including recommendations for improvements.
  • Content plan – what content will attract your ideal clients and what formats types will be suitable
  • Marketing plan – Create a map of your marketing strategy actions and suggested strategies for attracting your target client based on the results of your market research. This is a map of the touchpoints in your customer journey. Digital, offline, and conventional marketing are all part of it.
  • Social media – suggest which social media platforms to utilize as well as suggestions on what to publish there.
  • Hashtag research –hashtags for Instagram – do your research.
  • Social media templates – Create social media templates that work for your brand and are in line with your company’s branding guidelines.   Templates and mock-ups should be created to depict what your socials would look like.

Your marketing strategy and plan can be put into action with our guidance, support, and assistance. We do this by

1. Handing our client’s marketing outsourcing.

2. Giving clients monthly coaching and supporting them in putting the strategy and plan into action.‌

How many of these elements do you currently have in place, and do you have a plan and strategy for your marketing? Do you review your plan annually?

We recommend reviewing your marketing activities on a monthly basis to get an idea of what’s working and what isn’t. You will get a better and more valuable idea of where to put your money.