Lustosa Marketing

“You know all of the general components that you’re going to need to put this thing together. But you’re not just going to rock up to the construction site with some bricks and mortar and get to work. 

You’re going to speak to an architect first. You’re going to design the house that you want to build. And from that design, you’re going to create a set of steps that you need to follow to make that house a reality. Brand development works the same way.

Without a plan, you’re still going to have all the systems and strategies, and tactics. But you’re not going to use them at the right times or in the right places. And over time, that’s going to compromise the stability of the structure that you’re building in brand development.

At best, that means you end up with something that can just about stay standing. At worst, the entire business comes crashing down. You need to have a plan in place before you can build your house.”

*From the book Connected by Rana Saini and Andrew McWhirter