Lustosa Marketing

I read a lot, and every now and then I read a book that changes the way I see things. About 18 months ago I read The E-Myth by Michael E. Gerber. It completely changed the way I perceived entrepreneurship.

If we were to do a skills audit, we would most likely understand that we don’t indeed have all the necessary skills to make a business successful. I don’t mean that with any disrespect and I know many of you have pretty impressive skills. But no one has ALL the skills.

In the book, it is highlighted that there are 3 functions of your business (technician, manager and entrepreneur). While it would be nice to be able to think you can multi-task and do it all, the reality is you can’t.

The good news is, there is plenty of other great businesses that can help you succeed. They will know all the tips and challenges to success but will also be able to help steer you through those and focus on how to get to where you need to be.

So here’s what I think… don’t be afraid to outsource your marketing. It is the only way to grow and sometimes it is cheaper and more cost-effective than you think.

Make sure you check the book out. Or if you read it, share in the comments what you thought of it. 

And if you want to discuss options to outsource your marketing, I would love to help.