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Content that attracts attention is one thing. Content that creates a true connection with an audience is a whole different challenge. Here are simple tips on how you can connect with your audience with content creation service:

1. Accept questions from your audience

To build community, give your audience a safe space to ask questions they’ve always wanted to ask without judgment.

2. Talk to your customers

Stop hiding behind the mandates you’re given and the deadlines you’re working toward. If you invest the time, energy, and resources to get to know your customer, what they are struggling with, and what matters to them, you will organically connect in a meaningful and authentic way through your content creation strategy.

3. Start with empathy

If the pandemic taught us anything, it is of the utmost importance of thinking about our audience with compassion and using emotional intelligence in our messaging and design.

4. Adopt the right mindset

Building connections is all about psychology. Your content needs to exhibit the characteristics that are going to make your audience have an amenable reaction to it.

5. Talk about your values

Be authentic and talk about why you’re doing what you’re doing.

6. Reply (to) all

Respond. Every day we teach our learners how to create content on LinkedIn – not to create content – but to spark engagement and conversations.

7. Work together

Co-create. Build on their ideas. This is an improvisational way of thinking. Stop pushing content on audiences and start building with them.

8. Work with your audience

Never miss the chance to collaborate with a member of your audience.

9. Be of service

If you’re a brand looking to make an impact in your space, serve the community you sell to.

10. Be unique.

Show your mess. Practice transparency. Show people that things aren’t perfect and buttoned up. That is the reality for everyone, and they appreciate and relate to it when it’s reflected back at them.
One more for good luck…

11. Do it again and again

Consistency is the key. Showing up for your audience every day is the best way to build connections.