Lustosa Marketing

Many business owners invest in Marketing without having a sales strategy (or simply a sales workflow) in place, which leads them to lose a lot of money and time capturing leads that don’t convert.

Here are simple steps to a successful sales strategy EVERY business should follow when it comes to leads – capturing them is great, but ultimately if they don’t convert, you are losing business.

  1. Segment your leads

You could be letting your best leads go stale if you’re reaching out in order of when they entered your CRM. Instead, automate your leads to enter groups like “hot leads” or “SMBs,” so they’re reached in priority sequence and go straight to the rep who best understands their needs.

  1. Keep lead communication transparent

You could be wasting hours every week asking around or checking five different apps just for context on a deal. Look at how you can consolidate your tech stack and automate the way you log prospect communication and notes. That way, anyone can jump into the deal on a dime.

  1. Keep following up

Salespeople leave money on the table every day by giving up on leads they haven’t heard from. By being persistent with follow-ups, your team can squeeze more revenue out of your lead list. Define a follow-up process, set reminders, and automate wherever possible. In our team, people are only taken out of our follow-ups if they request so.

  1. Revive old leads

Not everybody is ready to buy at the same time. When you have a longer sales cycle, leads can slip through the cracks once they are finally ready to buy. Bubble up old leads when they are close to their renewal date with a competitor, nearing a new budget cycle, or coming up to a key date like an office move.