Lustosa Marketing

Facebook offers too many benefits for you to ignore it:
  • Billions of active users – likely including your target audience
  • Easy page setup – you just fill out the input fields in front of you
  • Global reach – Facebook comes with great visibility
  • Social proof – people will see what their friends like, review, and engage with
  • Great advertising options if you want to invest more money
At the same time, it limits you in ways that make it a risky move to put all your eggs in one basket:
  • You have limited control over how your brand looks, feels, and communicates via Facebook
  • With algorithms lowering your posts’ reach, it becomes more and more a pay-to-play platform
  • Not enough credibility, given that anyone can buy likes and reviews
  • Limited ability to tap into organic search results with your content
  • Limited ability to collect leads and communicate via multiple channels
  • Subpar experience if you’re planning to drive paid traffic to your page
So, reality is Facebook is still one of the most active social media platforms, and since they also own Instagram and Messenger, it is likely Facebook offers too many benefits for you to ignore it and they have all the information you need to connect with your next customer.