You are only one post away from your next big client

Social media often gets overlooked as a powerful tool for building your business and bringing in revenue. That one post could change your business. Social media is often interpreted as a platform for personal posting, however, if used correctly, it can be a powerful business tool. If you look at social media for your business, […]

Why it Pays to be Curious

How curious are you?  Our brains are built to be curious, which leads to us being innovative and discovering new things. How are you applying this to your business? Let’s take a deeper look at how you can use your curiosity to increase revenue in your business. Curiosity with empathy and intent can help you […]

The Statistics of Social Media Marketing

Statistics for social media marketing

As business owners we are constantly looking for ways to help improve our social media marketing plan. Always looking to gain a larger audience, and increase interaction between our brand and audience. The starting point for this should always be at the latest statistics surrounding social media marketing. Use this data to help benchmark your […]

The Ultimate Guide to Branding

Ultimate Guide to Branding

Did you know that people have to be exposed to a brand 5 to 7 times to remember it? This means your branding needs to be strong, consistent, and everywhere. Knowing where to start with branding your company can be murky, which is why we’ve created this ultimate guide to branding your business. What is […]

Your Step-by-Step Guide to Social Media Marketing

Step-by-Step Guide to Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing was seen as a waste of time and resources only ten years ago. Not as many people had smartphones, not as many social media sites were around, and e-commerce was reserved only for big-name brands. The internet has rapidly changed since, making social media marketing necessary for a brand to grow. Here’s […]

How to Create Brand Awareness for Your Small Business Locally

Create Brand Awareness

Tired of losing to big businesses that work half as hard as you? Small business owners often have to work twice as hard to have their brand known to a wider pool. However, all hope isn’t lost. There are a few key tips and tricks that can result in greater brand awareness for your small […]

11 Branding Tips for a Better Company Image

11 Branding Tips

Every business owner wants a website and a company image that sticks in the buyer’s mind. Whether this comes in the form of logos, colour schemes, or graphics, your brand should have a clear message that stays with the consumer. Luckily, you can apply a few branding tips and tricks to your website to draw […]

4 Tips to Help Your Business Generate More Clients Via Social Media

4 Tips to Help your Business

With smartphones glued to hands and eyes focused on screens constantly, there’s no denying that social media has become a large part of the world. More and more, businesses are relying on social media to market their brand and catch the attention of new consumers. It can be a powerful tool, but it needs to […]

5 Benefits of a Website Revamp

Website redesign

1.  More cost effective More times than not, you might not need to invest in a brand-new website (which will cost 10x more than upgrading your current one). Take time to audit your current website and look for opportunities to improve the user experience and overall usability of your website. But hire a professional to […]

How to be seen on social media

Seen on Social Media image

Unless you are paying for advertising, it can be hard work keeping your brand visible on social media. The organic reach of Facebook business posts is low, thanks to the current algorithm that favours posts made by friends and family. Buffer analysed 43 million Facebook posts from the top 20,000 brands last year and discovered […]