Lustosa Marketing

Are you getting new followers on social media? More importantly, are you getting the right kind of new followers?

Some brands focus on growth no matter what; and they don’t even care if their followers are spam accounts, follow-for-follow schemes or even bots.

What I have consistently said to my community is that a follow for follow tactic on Instagram is USELESS if it’s not attracting people who would buy your services or products.

REMEMBER: The number of followers on social media might boost your ego, but an increase in customers is what can grow your business.

Many might not know, but we can create bulk content for your brand that will get the attention of the right audience, increase brand awareness and in time (with consistency) generate sales.

At least 40% of my new business come from social media, so I am talking with confidence when I say: There is a lot of business to be won on social media!