The fluff and the numbers in marketing.

The Fluff and the Numbers in Marketing, Lustosa Marketing Podcast Season 2 Episode 5

Marketing experts have been kept out of boardroom and decision-makers discussions for decades because they were seen as experts in creating pretty things, not as drivers of revenue growth.

Why it pays to be curious.

an increase in sales & profits, Lustosa Marketing Podcast Season 2 Episode 1

Do you have a natural curiosity? What if I told you that your curiosity could lead to an increase in sales & profits?

Celeste’s interview with Andrew Miller

Celeste Interview with Andrew Miller I

CELESTE’S INTERVIEW WITH ANDREW MILLER A little while ago Celeste was interviewed for The Tingle Zone with Andrew Miller and they covered such subjects as: how reading books is a genuine superpower; why you should never take a job just for the money; and what you need to do so that you never need to worry about […]

About Marketing Contradictions

About Marketing Contradictions

ABOUT MARKETING CONTRADICTIONS Marketing is not a one-fits-all, so unless you focus on tactics that make sense to your customers, you will hear a lot of contradictions out there. Watch Now

The follow -unfollow game

follow - unfollow game

THE FOLLOW -UNFOLLOW GAME Not following accounts that add value to your brand is bad for business Watch Now

All the promises…

All the promises

ALL THE PROMISES… Are you a business owner being bombarded with ads from experts telling they know how to grow your business into a 6-figure while you sleep??? Then, this message is for you! Watch Now

How far do your customers go?

How far do your customers go?

HOW FAR DO YOUR CUSTOMERS GO? The right Marketing strategy can add even more value to what you are offering your clients. Check what happened to me a little while ago. Watch Now