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The 7-figure business

THE 7-FIGURE BUSINESS Business owners are being bombarded with ads promising magic formulas to turn your business into a 7-figure success. But is that what we all want? Are they hitting the mark with these ads? I share my thoughts in this video. Watch now

What Are the Benefits of Digital Marketing?

Ask yourself why is digital marketing important? Below are just some of the benefits of digital marketing for business owners in any industry: Lower cost  Digital marketing is cheaper than traditional marketing. If done correctly, the ROI on your digital marketing budget can be huge. One reason for this is focusing marketing efforts in areas […]

8 steps to increased exposure on Google

Did you know that 92% of all search volume globally is from Google? No matter who your target market is, where they are located, or what your business offers, Google search should be a major player in your marketing strategy.  There are 5.6 billion Google searches per day! Google runs around 63,000 search queries per […]

Marketing Budgets: do small businesses need them?

Whether you are a sole trader, a small-medium business owner, or you’re working for a big company, marketing is a good investment. In this episode of 10-Minute Marketing, I talk about marketing budgets. Why are most small businesses not doing marketing budgets? But even if you wanted to create one now, would you know the […]

What makes you unique?

Point of difference – Understanding your uniqueness is the best way to attract the right audience. It’s probably one of the hardest questions to answer as there are usually so many! This is a critical one because if you are not convinced on why I should buy from you (or hire you), how are you […]