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Facebook: to like or not to like, that is the question

Facebook offers too many benefits for you to ignore it: Billions of active users – likely including your target audience Easy page setup – you just fill out the input fields in front of you Global reach – Facebook comes with great visibility Social proof – people will see what their friends like, review, and […]

What is customer journey mapping?

Customer journey mapping is about following your customers’ journey with your brand, starting from their very first impression. A customer journey map helps you visualize how your customers navigate throughout your touchpoints: promotional material, social media channels, your product itself—you name it. As an example, think of any recent purchase you’ve made, and try to […]

Can I claim marketing expenses on tax?

Yes, you can. Because the marketing budget for any business is part of necessary operating expenses, in many cases it can be claimed as a tax deduction to reduce your taxable income. Whether your business has invested in something as simple as a new set of business cards, branded t-shirts or a brand-new SEO optimised […]

Profitability & Service – matching your customer needs

PROFITABILITY & SERVICE – MATCHING YOUR CUSTOMER NEEDS Join Celeste & Sally as they discuss service & profitability and how to match your clients needs. You will hear two perspectives as Sally & Celeste serve different audiences themselves. Watch now

Personal Brand & Business Brand

PERSONAL BRAND & BUSINESS BRAND In this episode, Lustosa Marketing Founder Celeste Lustosa discussed the Personal Brand vs Business Brand. She said having that clarity around your personal brand; who you are and what you stand for is really important. Watch now

Do you want an easier way to manage your social media?

Often you see great content on a business page and then…crickets; they don’t post again for weeks (sometimes months). Does that happen to you? Here’s how you can manage a consistent presence on social media, which results in brand awareness, more followers, and more engagement. #1: Set monthly goals It’s important to set an end […]