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How can Apple’s release of iOS affect your marketing?

According to official communication from Mailchimp, Apple’s release of iOS 15 and macOS Monterey offers a new feature called Mail Privacy Protection. If the user enables this feature, it will limit the ability for email marketing software providers, like Mailchimp, to accurately determine the following strategy: • Whether or when an email has been opened […]

How to create content that connects

Content that attracts attention is one thing. Content that creates a true connection with an audience is a whole different challenge. Here are simple tips on how you can connect with your audience with content creation service:  1. Accept questions from your audience To build community, give your audience a safe space to ask questions […]

Have you asked the 5 Whys?

With this brainstorming method, keep asking “why” – drilling down from one central idea to a variety of related niche topics you can use to move forward. Start with a problematic outcome. For instance, “We missed our sales target for the third month in a row.” Then, ask, “Why did this happen?” Answer that question, then ask […]

5 secrets to help you understand your customer

I recently read in a blog published by Neil Patel, that according to Teradata, only 41% of businesses are using customer engagement data to inform their marketing strategy. Despite this, brands continue to neglect the customer before and after the sale. The biggest barrier to even beginning is usually the lack of a deep understanding of […]

Two marketing dilemmas you need to overcome.

“I DON’T HAVE TIME!”  This is one of the worth mentioning marketing dilemmas. Are you feeling like you spend everyday chasing your own tail and don’t feel you achieve much?You need systems to give your business meaning, purpose, and direction. They will allow you to grow, expand, leverage your time, and gain vital insights and […]

Do you have a ‘freebie’ to offer?

“Freebie” – Have you ever grabbed a coupon offering a FREE coffee—even though you don’t drink coffee? What about the FREEBIE you’ve accumulated—the T-shirt from the radio station, the magnetic calendar your real estate agent sends you each year? It’s no secret that getting something free feels very good. Zero is not just another price, […]